Personas are modelled on official information and datasets from Dataful (our in-house data portal). They aren't just tools; they are indispensable partners in your information journey, each endowed with a distinct purpose and unparalleled expertise.

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PIB Chronicle

Journey through the present and past with PIB Chronicle, your gateway to daily and historical insights from the Government of India's press releases.

  • Historical and latest press releases
  • Official information
  • Updated daily
PIB Chronicle

BallotVerse India

Embark on a dialogue with the pulse of democracy – BallotVerse, decoding Lok Sabha Elections data through engaging conversations.

  • All Lok Sabha Elections covered
  • Official data released by ECI
  • Standardised data from Dataful (in-house data portal)
BallotVerse India

Sach Fact Check

Empowering Users to Navigate Fact and Fiction. Your Gateway to Verified Information and Debunked Hoaxes from ClaimReview.

  • Fact checks from all languages
  • Image search available
  • Voice search option
Sach Fact Check


Engage with the wealth of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha data effortlessly with Parlens, your conversational guide to parliamentary knowledge.

  • Questions and Answers from Parliament
  • All recent sessions covered
  • Updated after each session of Parliament


Delve into the heart of India's financial decisions with BudgetSpeak, where budget speeches come alive through insightful conversations.

  • Budget speeches of Finance Minister
  • All budget speeches from 1947 are covered
  • Compare priorities of different governments


Empowering decisions with TradeTracer, where expertise meets comprehensive trade data, illuminating India's export and import landscape.

  • Time series data
  • All trading partners of India covered
  • Official data from the Department of Commerce

CSR Explorer

Explore the social footprint of businesses with CSR Explorer, your guide to comprehensive corporate social responsibility data and insights.

  • Data from CSR portal cleaned and compiled
  • Company-wise data available
  • Analyse data in simple and effective conversations
CSR Explorer

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